All our NNAS courses include advice and information about relevant safety and access issues when walking in the countryside.   In addition, an understanding of relevant conservation and environmental issues and awareness of our impacts all form part of each course.

Bronze NNAS Award โ€“ navigation in the countryside using paths tracks and other linear features, basic map interpretation and compass work is included. More Info…

Silver NNAS Award โ€“ navigation in the countryside using skills acquired at bronze level and adding skills required to navigate to features and places some distance from paths and tracks, accurate compass work is required and an ability to use appropriate navigational techniques to go across country in some cases, eg. choosing an appropriate attack point. More Info…

Gold NNAS Award โ€“ navigation in the countryside using skills of the first two levels, but adding techniques and skills for dealing with complex contour features large and small.  The Gold Award is delivered as separate Gold Award Training and Gold Award Assessment courses. More Info…
Participants can enter the scheme at any Level Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on their experience, though it is anticipated that most will start at the basic Bronze level, it is generally a good idea to give us an idea of personal experience so we can advise the best level to start

Equipment Loan

Maps and compasses are available but it is anticipated that as you progress through the levels that you would have own equipment. If you require more information on specialist equipment please Contact Us.

Course Directors and Ratios

Dave will generally be the course director and we limit students to 8 per course to maintain quality of instruction to you the student. A course does require 2 students as a minimum to allow a particular course to go ahead


A detailed equipment list that will be sent to you upon booking. Over the years, we have gained an incredible amount of experience and expertise in outdoor equipment and clothing. We have applied this to each trip that we offer and recommend what we believe to be the most suitable items for your trip.

Additional Information

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the course or your suitability for it, please Contact Us