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Navigation in limited visability


Aim of this 2 day course is to learn the advanced skills to navigate using contour features and very smaller land forms contours create like re-entrants, spurs, saddles and rings. The compass will be employed to assistance the planning of legs and keeping on course along challenging routes

Syllabus (in addition to the Bronze and Silver Awards syllabus)
Training – Show confidence in the use of the skills detailed for the Bronze and Silver awards in open countryside, forests and hill environments
Demonstrate the use of contours, to identify landforms (e.g. hilltops, valleys, spurs, re-entrants and knolls) and utilise them as the prime method of navigation. Demonstrate use of ridges and valleys as reliable handrails and the size and relationship of contour features, (e.g. a series of knolls) and use them for micro navigation to specific locations.
Demonstrate the use of distance judgement, compass skills and continuous contact (by frequent checking) in complicated areas. This involves the use of both map to ground and ground to map techniques, the selection of appropriate techniques for each situation, and the integration of these into a navigation strategy.
Demonstrate the ability to plan a safe walk or route in open country in line with set criteria of duration, difficulty and objectives. This must involve “Gold” skills and strategies and may be used by the candidate for practice prior to assessment if appropriate.
Demonstrate an understanding of the special physical and navigation demands posed by hill and moorland terrain, poor weather conditions, daylight hours and the effects of fatigue and discomfort on decision making and execution of a selected route. This includes awareness of the effects of heat and cold.

The Gold Assessment can be taken after a period of consolidation and your Gold Trainer will advise you about your own personal training plan at the end of your Gold Training Course.

Additional Information

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