This is not recommended as your first step into rock climbing, this course is designed for those with some knowledge of climbing and wish to move there love of the sport into the outdoor scene.

We will give you the knowledge to protect a single pitch crag with a in place rope for either top or bottom roping climbs

The course will cover the following

  • Basic knots (figure 8, bowline, clove hitch, and more….)
  • Anchor selection
  • Protection placement
  • Equalising anchors
  • Top rope and bottom rope
  • Belay skills

Cost of course:

  1. The 1 day basic – £60.00 (minimum 2 persons)
  2. The 2 day course – £100.00 (minimum 2 persons)

Whats included – the use of all climbing equipment for the course. helmet, harness

Whats not included – rock shoe hire and transport