Over a period upto 5 days learn all ther essential skills to travel safely in the Scottish Winter Mountains and gain experience of putting the skills into practice on various winter journeys. Learn more

Foundation Winter Mounteering

Basic Winter Skills

Either learn or refresh your basic winter skills with crampons, ice axe and avalanche awareness to mention but a few. Be safe get refreshed. Learn more

Winter Navigation

Navigating in the Scottish Winter mountains is a whole different beast requiring a greatly closer attention to the details of your navigation skills to keep you out of trouble and not get benighted . Learn More

Snowhole Experience

Want to experience what it is like to spend the night in your own constructed snowhole. Learn how and where to create a snow shelter if benighted in the mountains. Learn more

Guided Winter Walks

Got some basic skills but want to explore the Scottish Winter Mountains with the reasurrance of someone there to guide and help. Private and groups guided on request. Learn more