If you have ever wondered how do they do that… Now is the opportunity to spend a night in your very own snow hole that you and others with a similar aim have created. It is essential that you have experience of travelling in the Scottish winter mountains and are proficent with the basic skills

The Instructors’ aim is to introduce you to a variety of emergency snow shelters over a 2 day period which will include the construction/digging of a full on snow hole capable of accomodating the group for one night. You will learn how to recognise the kind of areas that will generally attract the sufficent quantity and depths of snow required and construction techniques for creating a safe shelter to escape the elements. Remember this is technically an emergency proceedure but like all should be practiced to ensure it is done correctly.

A theme common to all groups is safety, whether through the teaching of navigation skills, avalanche assessment or basic route choices due to prevailing conditions.

The course covers:

Safety in the winter environment
Appraisal of avalanche risk
Identifying possible areas for snow accumilation
Construction techniques for each type of snow shelter

Outline Programme
Day 1: The course begins at 9 am with the Course Briefing. The briefing covers essential information for the days ahead, including equipment required. Today will be accessing to likely areas and the creation of a large snow hole with emphasis on safety.

Day 2 will be a continuation of the journey started the previous day and looking at other types of emergency shelters primarily constructed using snow. During each day we will look at the practical assessment of avalanche risk. The days are tailored to suit the abilities of the group, along with your aspirations. The venues chosen by the staff always take account of the prevailing weather and snow conditions.

Equipment Loan

There is a limited number of ice axe and crampon sets that will be available on a first come first serve basis. If you require more information on specialist equipment please Contact Us.

Course Directors and Ratios

Dave will generally be the course director and we limit students to 8 per course to maintain quality of instruction to you the student. A course does require 2 students as a minimum to allow a particular course to go ahead


A detailed equipment list that will be sent to you upon booking. Over the years, we have gained an incredible amount of experience and expertise in outdoor equipment and clothing. We have applied this to each trip that we offer and recommend what we believe to be the most suitable items for your trip.

Additional Information

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the course or your suitability for it, please Contact Us


Available Dates

Currently there are no planned dates for this activity however if sufficent enquiries are made then a set of dates will be put forward. Please Contact Us to discuss personal requirements for this activity.


We recommend that you have travel insurance policy that caters for the activities you will undertake on your trip with Cumbria Ventures. For a list of insurers who specialise in mountaineering and trekking, please see our Travel Insurance page